Thursday, October 2, 2014

Voloom Hair Tool and Five Minute Hair Tutorial

this summer i had the opportunity to get my hands on a new hair tool called Voloom. what is Voloom? Voloom is a volumizing hair tool that has changed my life. honestly. this tool heats up in thirty seconds, takes just a few clamps at the root to obtain volume and the volume lasts. and lasts. and kicks the butt out of teasing, back-combing, ratting and whatever other lengths we go to get volume in our hair.

the checkered plates create a crimp in the hair that gives volume to that area of hair without the damage of ratting and teasing. begin at the roots and work your way down the hair shaft to create the volume you want. it is so easy and so fast  you are done in seconds. Voloom easily turns second day hair into a major winner and use it during your normal styling routine for extra oomph. in fact, i brought out the Voloom for our family pictures. #bighairdontcare

i wanted to create a tutorial showing you just how easy using the Voloom is. instant volume makes any style fabulous. i put together this five minute hair tutorial showing what just a little volume and a braid can do for your hair:

this product was just released so be sure to head over to the Voloom website to see how you can get one of these for your styling routine. for more information you can also check out the Voloom Facebook Page.


below is a Pinterest friendly pinnable image if you'd like to save the whole thing:

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