Thursday, November 6, 2014

NCAA Game Day Giveaway

to say we are NCAA fans here at the Blushing Basics household is an understatement. with allegiances in many states every Saturday is filled with pre-game rituals and avid game watching. i was born in Seattle, Washington and raised by a Husky. i bleed purple - which is kind of amazing with a unicorn vibe. after having spent four years in Ohio at THE Ohio State University we have to cheer for the O-H, I-O when the time comes. Tman bleeds red for his alma mater The University of Utah which brings all sorts of confusion to our children. honestly, we have NCAA fever all day every day.

as fans of all these National Collegiate Athletic Association teams we have different game day cheers and observances. for the Huskies we like to throw up our dubs. representing the University of Washington with our 'W' sign. at The Ohio State University tailgating was the name of the game. we spent some time barbecuing with friends, playing a little Cornhole (whose name sounds much worse than it is) and watching the game from rooftops. for The University of Utah we show allegiance with our 'U's but making the field goal sign with our fingers which is also conveniently is a U. clever, right? 

with all these game day observances a beauty blogger (and her husband) need to get beauty ready. you can pick up all your man's pre-game prep at Sam's Club. Degree Deodorant, Dove Men's Body Wash and Shampoo, AXE Body Spray and Deodorant, your pre game maintenance options are endless.

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all these great products will only help to enhance your pre game ritual. cheer your team on while looking good and smelling even better. to help you get game day ready Blushing Basics is giving away 4 PRIZE PACKS which include Degree deodorant, AXE Body Spray and a Sam's Club Gift Card. worth winning, right?!

below are some Instagram photos of a few of our game day antics. we love to cheer on our favorite teams! be sure to enter the giveaway widget below for your chance to win.

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