Friday, November 7, 2014

Fashion Friday #SundayEdit

this week's Fashion Friday i am sharing some of my Sunday Style. every week women across the world consider this question 'What should I wear to church today?'. well ladies, i have a #SundayEdit hashtag on my Instagram which shows you what i wore for just that occasion. whether i am feeling trendy, casual, business or fun - it is all reflected in my outfit. this particular Sunday I was preparing to guide 90 children ages 4-12 through a one hour Primary Program, i meant business.

one of my favorite things about this outfit is the hat. a great piece for windy or rainy days to protect some precious locks, it is also a comfy felt wool which keeps your nugget cozy in the winter. i purchased it from one of my favorite bloggers - Ascot Friday. she curates an online clothing store where you can pick up pieces that she and a friend have carefully selected. i have always eye their shop from a distance but when i saw this hat i had to pull the trigger. you can find more at Ascot + Hart.


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