Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Caress Fine Fragrance Body Wash

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Touch your skin to release fine fragrance.
i love multitaskers. any product that can reduce my prep time while providing more results is always a winner. this may be why i love the new Caress® Forever Collection. this collection has a formula that uses Fragrance Release Pearls™, invisible beads found within the body wash to release bursts of perfume every time you touch your skin for up to 12 hours - so you can leave a lasting impression throughout the day. now you can experience freshness around the clock with the world's first body wash with Fragrance Touch Technology.
The Caress® Forever Collection has two great body wash fragrances, Caress® Love Forever™ that has spicy floral sweetness and Caress® Adore Forever that has a rich floral scent.
To learn more about the Caress® Forever Collection and its breakthrough touch-activated technology visit Walmart or
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i would definitely recommend giving this multitasker a try. pick up your Caress Fine Fragrance Body Wash at Walmart for a low price.


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