Friday, April 3, 2015

Fashion Friday Spring Style

i love love love the scene from today's Fashion Friday post. getting to see the spring blossoms every year is such a highlight of my life. i love driving down the road line with flowering trees. i love how a slight gust of wind makes it rain petals. i love how it is brief, fleeting and you must appreciate every second of it because you'll blink and they are gone. 

i am wearing my new favorite combo of silver, pink and white. gold has taken center stage for the last year or two but silver is making a comeback! the denim is a recent acquisition to help satisfy my distressed denim cravings. the silver pumps are a much more affordable option than their $300 J.Crew counterparts and the bag is reasonably priced for a Marc Jacobs handbag. the denim jacket i have owned since i was 18 (invest in classic pieces and they last a lifetime) and the tee was picked up from my favorite stash of Favorite T's at Target. all purchasing information can be found at the end of the post.

here's to a great weekend.


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