Tuesday, May 5, 2015

IrresistibleMe Hair Extensions Review and Tutorial

i don't know about you but i have been feeling the boho vibe lately. i love a good braid (bad hair days be gone!) and i like how you can easily transform a look with a few simple steps.

IrresistibleMe sent me a box of hair extensions. i went for the mid-weight, mid-length option and here are some of my thoughts. first, read the FAQ on their site. this answered SO MANY questions i had about weight, length, color, etc. second, go longer. my biggest regret with my selection is that i didn't opt for a longer length. the length i selected matches my current length perfectly but i wish i had the option of lengthening my hair even more rather than just giving it volume. third, quality matters! this is 100% Remy hair and it will curl, straighten and wash with ease. cheap extensions or imitations will not hold up, will burn, melt, smell and cause all sorts of problems. quality matters with hair extensions and i love the quality of these.

below is a simple boho hair tutorial i put together. mastering the braid can be difficult. mastering the braided hairband can be even harder! extensions really help to simplify this. all you have to do is braid your extension and then place it where you would like. i did one small braid and added it to the side of my hair behind my ear. i did a second larger braid and clipped it in like a braided headband. last i added a weft to create even more fullness and volume to my hair. needless to say i love the result and the extensions!


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