Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Online Shopping Destinations

ordering online can be a little scary at times, especially when it is from a company you have never ordered from before. today i am sharing a few of my recent online purchases with you from new companies i wanted to try out. 

first is this kimono by Lookbook Store. they are an online marketplace that offers a wide variety of dresses, tops, sweaters, jackets etc. i was curious about their shop because their prices are low and they offer a lot of products that are similar to much more expensive counterparts. this kimono quality wasn't a show stopper but i did love the print and i look forward to using it as a cover-up this summer with my swimsuits. it will look great paired with a black swimsuit. be sure to follow the post to the end to check out where to buy items.

next is this dress from Walktrendy. it is a floral chiffon that is a great print for the summer. once again the price is great however the fabric quality leaves a little to be wanted. the website offers a comprehensive selection of clothing that is once again similar to popular and much more expensive counterparts.

check out the links below to shop the items from this post.


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