Thursday, September 17, 2015

NFL Fan Style

eeek! yes i am seriously pumped that football season is here. growing up i have always been a fan of the Seattle Seahawks but the last few years being a fan of the Seahawks has never been so exciting. seeing your hometown team go to the Super Bowl two years in a row brings an exponential amount of team fever to the state of Washington. with team fever comes team apparel, the perfect way to represent your love for your team through your appearance.

not all team apparel is jerseys and sweats. representing your team can be through the simple touch of team branded cup or a keychain with a logo. there are so many apparel options these days that you can represent your team while still looking chic and stylish. i picked up a few of my favorite options from the and put together a a winning outfit.

last week was Opening Day and #MyNFLFanStyle is true to my typical daily style. i consider my personal style casual chic. i love to wear denim but i don't mind dressing it up a bit. i found this cute striped tee at the and picked it because a striped tee is a wardrobe essential. pair it with a blazer, a cardigan or your favorite kimono top and you have yourself the perfect pairing. the knit cap is another item i purchased at the and i think knit caps make a cute accessory no matter how dressed up or dressed down you are. they add an element of interest and fun to your outfit. 

i'm looking forward to another great season watching the Seahawks and doing so in my favorite Seahawks gear.


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