Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Year New Goals with LensCrafters

this is a sponsored post for Socialstars & LensCrafters however all thoughts and opinions are my own. #LensCraftersCrowd

my New Years Resolutions typically revolve around self improvement. small things i can do in my life to improve my quality of life and my family's quality of life. past years goals have included improving my health, choosing happiness, finishing a project. this year i have thought about the goals i want to set for myself that are achievable and one thing that came to mind was reading. i have always been a voracious (i'm talking at least a book a week, sometimes a book a day) reader until i started blogging. spending so much time online creating content, editing photos, scheduling posts and finishing my blogging 'chores' has sucked up all of my extra time. don't get me wrong, i love my blogging job and the blogging world is wonderful but my free time now involves the internet rather than pages i can turn. because of this i want to make the goal to read one book a month (i said these goals needed to be achievable, right?!)

one thing standing in my way of this goal is my eyesight. the older i get the worse my eyesight becomes. i had to get my vision situation cleared up and i was excited to join this partnership with LensCrafters to visit their store and experience their in-store exam and glasses selection.

scheduling the exam was simple. i visited the LensCrafters website and submitted my local store and scheduled an exam within minutes. 

once i arrived to the LensCrafters store i was quickly greeted and waited only a few moments before beginning my eye exam. the Optometrist was thorough and explained my astigmatism to me and how it is affecting my eyesight. she suggested lenses that would help correct the astigmatism and improve my blurry vision. she wrote me a lens prescription and guided me back to the front of the store where i could select my frames.

i was given a tray to carry through the frames department and select several different frames that i felt were favorites. once i gathered all my favorite frames together i tried them on with the help of the technician and together we selected the frames we both felt best suited my face and personal style. we spent a quick moment measuring my eye distance and face measurements to make sure we had the right fit for the lenses and the frames and the technician took my contact information so that i could be reached in one hour once my frames were ready.

from start to finish the entire visit was so simple and easy. now the difficult part is coming up with my book list for the year so that i can make sure i am fulfilling my resolution. first up is A River Runs Through It. the book is such a great read and after having watched the movie i feel like i have visuals of all the characters involved.

what are some of your New Years Resolutions and how do you plan to achieve them? have a good book recommendation? please let me know!


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