Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Winter Style With Home T

first off a quick thanks to The Home T for providing my girls and me with these cute stylish tees that represent our home states. it is true when they say that home is where the heart is and for me Washington is a very special place. this is the state i was born and raised in however once i was married we moved overseas and i honestly thought there was no possibility of moving back. it wasn't until two years ago that my husband finished his training and discovered a great job opportunity here in Washington that i realized i would get the opportunity to raise my children in a place i loved. having The Home T brings sentimental value to a wardrobe item that otherwise feels replaceable.

graphic tees make great styling platforms for your winter wardrobe because they are a lightweight layer that allows you to add several layers without feeling bulky. this particular graphic tee is perfect because it is my favorite neutral color - black! plus, the proceeds from your Home T purchase go towards supporting Multiple Sclerosis research.

today i have partnered with four other bloggers to style this great tee four different ways. this will give you a jumping off point to see how to style your favorite graphic tees during winter. you can check out their posts below:


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