Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Maggy London Summer Style

i am loving all the fun spring/summer styles from Maggy London. one of the reasons i love Maggy London so much is that their dresses usually come in a length that works for my personal needs. i try to find dresses that hit at the knee or below and ones with short sleeves or cap sleeves for summer and the Maggy London dress line offers several of these. i also like clothing with a little bit of an 'edge' and the leather trim on this Maggy London 'London Times Joan Midi' dress is just the 'edge' i need.  i picked up my dresses in a larger size so they will fit my growing bump and i am excited to have them as an option all summer long.

i am loving the leather trim paired with this leather jacket. i know leather can seem a bit hot for these summer months but those nights where we go out for date night i usually end up freezing in the restaurant because the air conditioning is running at max and after sitting in max AC for an hour or more i am shivering and ready to head back out into the warm summer night. i typically always bring a jacket along for this reason. i know leather is typically considered a fall/winter item but i am definitely going to be pulling out this bad boy more often this summer.

this clutch is one i picked up last year from Piper Street. it was a small price to pay for a cute date night clutch and i have been surprised to see how often i have wanted/needed a lilac colored handbag. it always seems to work perfectly whenever i need it. 

did i mention my growing bump? yes friends, this is what eighteen weeks of pregnancy looks like ;). knowing that i am going to be induced a week early that means i am only a week away from my halfway mark. yahoo!!!


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