Monday, June 6, 2016

Pregnancy Update Week 18

when they talk about the second trimester of pregnancy there is a reason they call it the 'honeymoon' period. it really is such a dream after first trimester. all those negative symptoms of pregnancy in the first trimester have abated and you get to enjoy this sweet little bump that is growing daily.

since the symptoms of pregnancy are much easier to handle i am able to focus on more important things, like bedroom redesigns! ;) with the new baby arriving we have to do a little reorganizing of our bedrooms which means the girls will be sharing a room. they are more than happy to make that change since they already ask to sleep together in the same room on a regular basis. we began the hunt for bunkbeds and i found a great deal on bunkbeds with free shipping that is super fast. i was able to get my hands on the BEST kids' bedding ever and can't wait for the girls to see it. i have been working on putting together the perfect combination of furniture along with decorative accents and it is all coming together. i will be sharing their bedroom reveal hopefully by the end of this month if all shipping dates cooperate.

in addition to the girls' bedroom i am also working on putting together the baby's nursery. we literally have NO baby products left. after our last move i insisted we give away all baby products rather than move them. i was 100% confident we would not be having any more kids and it didn't make sense to move all the items only to get rid of them. of course i am now kicking myself over that decision but being able to start from scratch has its perks too. i get to pick all my favorite items and coordinate in a more contemporary style than what was offered when i first began 10 years ago. i have my eye on several items that are a perfect fit and am working to get those ordered and shipped.

our biggest struggle with decision making during pregnancy is choosing a baby name. we spend hours deliberating our favorite names and in the end we usually choose the name that was our first suggestion to begin with. we have already begun the name deliberation but are completely stuck. if you have any boy name suggestions PLEASE send them our way.

all in all i feel like i am in a great place with pregnancy and enjoying every minute (as much as possible, bladder leaks and all).


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