Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Summer Style With Motherhood Maternity

i am 27 weeks pregnant and in the last few weeks this little belly of mine has really started to pop! because of this i am transitioning to maternity clothes almost exclusively for many reasons, the number one reason being comfort. regularly waistlines and hem lengths don't hit at the right points once your belly starts pushing out and the fit of your clothing can look off. add that to the discomfort of clothing pulling too tight on your protruding belly and you are left one uncomfortable mama. i love the selection of items i picked up from Motherhood Maternity including this dress. their clothes are versatile, comfortable and at an affordable price point which makes them a win/win.

this dress is a Jessica Simpson maternity dress. the burnout style is a fun summer look and the dress is fully lined with a nude slip for modesty. the fit is like a sheath which is personally the most comfortable of all the maternity styles. the dress is a bit wide for me but i am okay with that knowing that my belly still has a lot of growing to do and this dress will grow with me. the dress has short sleeves which allows me to wear it with or without the jacket (i don't wear sleeveless tops) and the hem length is perfect.

i am only a couple of weeks away from third trimester and i am dreading it. however i am one of those people who feels that if you look your best you feel your best and i am thankful for cute maternity clothes to keep me feeling my best heading in to this third trimester. you may have read about my issue with PCS (Pelvic Congestion Syndrome) which really starts to flair up during the third trimester thanks to the pressure on my uterus from my growing bump. i have already started experiencing the pain and discomfort PCS brings and with the third trimester looming i am feeling a bit nervous. Motherhood Maternity allows me an easy distraction of dressing my bump rather than worrying about and for now i will gladly take that distraction.

shop my accessories using the widget below and be sure to leave me any comments on how you battle the mental challenge of third trimester.


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