Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Enviroscent Bursts Home Fragrance

this post is sponsored by Enviroscent Bursts however all thoughts and opinions are my own. #SmellTheGood

i just love my little Beau. around here we having taken to calling him 'Boss Baby'. he pretty much rules the roost when it comes to our family and no one seems to mind one bit. we have all adapted our lives and schedules around this little bundle of cuteness but along with this cuteness comes the good and the bad. and by bad i mean stinky diapers. really, really stinky diapers. i have taken measures to combat the problem i.e. taking diapers straight to the garbage bin in the garage, investing in a high-end diaper receptacle, wrapping diapers in plastic baggies, you name it. however there can occasionally be a lingering odor or a ripe smell left behind after the changing is done. this is where Enviroscent comes in.

who doesn't love a good smelling house? Enviroscent Bursts are decorative accent balls that replace the use of wax melts or other heated devices that deliver scent to a home. the Enviroscent Bursts are organic and don't carry the traditional corrosive solvents, headache-inducing sensitizers or chemical propellents. they are fine home fragrances that leave a low footprint and great scent.

my favorite part about the Enviroscent Bursts is that they deliver great scent to a room without compromising baby's health. their decorative design makes a great accent for any room in your home and the scent can be as subtle or as strong as you would like. you can use the bursts alone in a bowl or heat them in up in a warmer for wax melts except you don't have to worry about them actually melting! #SmellTheGood in any part of your home.

Enivorscents are also an economical option. they don't cost an arm and a leg and they can be found at your nearest Walmart. head to their website HERE to see what scents and products they have to offer.


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