Thursday, April 13, 2017

Olay Skin 28 Day Study

this post is sponsored by Acorn & Olay however all thoughts and opinions are my own. #28DaysofOlay

there are so many things i am easing myself back into 'post-baby'. exercise is one of them. i began with simple 30 minute workouts that were low impact and have been gradually working my way up to harder, more difficult workouts. same with my diet. at the end of my pregnancy i pretty much ate anything and everything because i was always starving. since i have finished nursing i have been slowing cutting back on sweets and high fat foods and trying to moderate the volume of food i have been eating as well. with all of these changes it only makes sense that i would be doing the same thing with my skincare. pregnancy has a tendency to wreak havoc on your skin and i wanted to slowly ease into a skincare routine that i knew i would (one) be able to stick to and (two) be able to accomplish.

that is where the #28DaysOfOlay study comes in. i was asked to use Olay products for 28 days and see how my skin felt at the end of the 28 days. before beginning i visited the Olay Skin Advisor to determine what products where the best options for me. it is so easy, you visit THIS WEBSITE and quickly snap a photo of yourself without makeup and upload it. the Skin Advisor analyzes your color, eye lines, wrinkles, and more to give you specific product recommendations for your skincare needs that you can easily purchase at Walmart. after i received my recommendations from the online Skin Advisor i snagged my products during my next grocery trip at Walmart.

using the products was so easy. it didn't require a massive amount of steps and it didn't require a massive amount of products. my main concerns were under-eye bags (hello! newborn baby) and fine lines and wrinkles. this lead me to using the Olay Eyes Depuffing Eye Roller and the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream. both products felt so soothing and soft on my skin and while my results after 28 days were super dramatic i did see an overall improvement in my skin and the Depuffing Eye Roller felt SO GOOD on my skin. the metal ball rollers were soothing and helped to massage away the puffiness. the Micro-Sculpting Cream not only smells ah-mazing it also feels amazing and leaves your skin glowing. 

while my results weren't dramatic i will say i was pleased at the direction my skin is heading and like all things in my life, my slow and steady approach to skincare is providing me with results that i feel great about.


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