Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Johnson & Johnson Travel Hack

 I have been compensated by Johnson & Johnson for this post; however, I am sharing my own thoughts. All opinions are my own. #Johnsonsbeautyhack

ok, lets be real, traveling with an infant can be kind of a logistical nightmare. there are just so many things you have to bring for the baby and add that to all of the kitsch you have to pack for yourself and pretty soon you find yourself akin to a pack mule as you lug your gear through the airport. so how can you cut down on some of that extra baggage? simple, you borrow from your baby. 

this isn't the first time i have made this recommendation. you can read my article here about how great Johnson & Johnson baby products are for everyday use. when it comes to traveling it can all be summed up in one great product - the Johnson & Johnson No More Tears Head-to-Toe Baby Wash. i have recently been sneaking this product from Beau's bath arsenal and using it for myself. i love the way it washes eye makeup (no more stinging thanks to the No More Tears formula), it works great as a face wash thanks to being hypoallergenic and gentle on sensitive skin, it cleans well as a body wash without stripping your skin of essential nutrients and can double as a shampoo when you are in a pinch.

this weekend we are heading to Utah to watch the NCAA Basketball tournament. we are the leaving the older kids home but baby Beau will be making the trip with Tman and me. because we will only be traveling for the weekend i don't want to pack the whole kit and caboodle however sometimes quick trip packing is the most difficult because you are trying to narrow it down to the bare minimum. thankfully i stopped by Walmart to pick up this 9oz bottle of Johnson & Johnson No More Tears wash. it is the perfect size to pack in my carry-on size checked bag and will last the whole weekend for baby, Tman and me. i don't have to worry about packing shaving cream, body wash, face wash, cleansing wipes or shampoo as this will work as a great temporary substitute for all of those products. besides, wouldn't you rather pack one item rather than five??

besides being a great substitute for my own beauty products lets not forget that it makes for a great baby wash. my sweet Beau has some sensitive skin that dries out easily and this body wash is so gentle for his delicate baby skin. plus there is something about the smell of Johnson's products that make you want to smooth your face into the neck of your baby and give them a million kisses.

be sure to check out your local paper for a BOGO Johnson's coupon so that you can snag some great deals on Johnson's products at your local Walmart. in the meantime stop by the Pinterest Board below to get more ideas on how to make the most of your Johnson's baby products:



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