Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fashion Friday (belated)

i know there is no excuse to play the "time card" but has anyone ever been involved with a wedding?  as i am sure most of you have, you know there really is no time when a wedding is to be had. (promise to post pictures on that soon) i had all these aspirations for this week and as you can see, the blog has been a bit of a dud.

so to my amazing readers, Fashion Friday is dedicated to you!

this week's tip is all about shoes.

there they are.  if i could cue lights and angelic voices singing "aaaahhhhh ahhhhhh" i would right this moment.  i love these shoes. in fact, what prompted this post was my love for these shoes. 

Tman said to me, "Kristie, those shoes were one of the best clothing investments you have ever made"

do you want to know why?  because i can wear these shoes with anything and everything.  i wear these shoes with denim cutoffs, i wear these shoes dressed up.  i wear these shoes with pants, i wear them with a summer dress.  i wear these shoes with EVERYTHING. (am i starting to sound like Dr. Seuss??)

my best advice for purchasing clothing is to ask yourself these questions:

is it versatile?

what can i wear it with?

do i really LOVE this purchase?

i think too often we get caught up in sale prices, our moods, whatever, and make purchases that end up gathering dust on our closet floors.  try to go shopping with the mindset of buying that item you will use until it is limp and torn.  avoid making purchases that seem like such a good deal and instead, invest your money in fewer items that will last, items that you will use again and again.

my shoe purchases are infrequent and far between.  however, when i do make my shoe purchases i do it with serious intent.

hope this helps on your next venture.  fall is right around the corner and i have seen those boots lining the shelves at all the major department stores.  before you fall into the trap of buying on a whim, buy with insight.



  1. I love those shoes! I envy them everytime I see you wearing them. So so cute :)

  2. What's the brand and name of the shoe?

  3. Can you tell us the name of the shoe and the Brand? Thanks

  4. anony, these are from Marc Jacobs. i purchased these at DSW's summer clearance last year which probably means they are from the year prior.