Friday, August 20, 2010

Fashion Friday

i had some friends over and they were so kind to help me brainstorm ideas for the blog.  one of the ideas they came up with was devoting a day to fashion, hence "Fashion Friday". 

for this week's Fashion Friday let's take a look at a wardrobe basic.

the skinny belt
the skinny belt is a versatile item to have in your closet.  this belt can be functionally used, or used as an accessory.  if you haven't worn belts as accessories before a skinny belt is a great place to start considering its size is unimposing. 

a skinny belt looks great with just jeans and a tee:

make your outfit a little less casual by adding a cardigan and using the belt as an accessory:

it is also a great piece to pair with a dress.  adds a little excitement to a simple dress:

no matter how you use it, you can't go wrong.  my skinny belt was purchased 7 years ago at Ross for $4.  these belts have been in and out of fashion but it is definitely a versatile piece to hold on to.


ps. i would love to hear your opinions on this post.  do you like this idea of incorporating fashion into the blog or would you rather i stick to makeup? what type of fashion advice would you like to see?


  1. I love the fashion addition. Also, sometimes I am putting on makeup or wanting to try something new and I want to remember what you used, but I would have to go through and watch the videos again. Maybe you could do something below each video that lists what products you used in that look???

  2. Love the new Fashion Friday!! Definitely keep it.

  3. So I have a few skinny belts and you know what has never, ever occurred to me? To actually wear them as belts! Wow...what other captain obvious things am I missing?

    I love Fashion Fridays! My, what wonderful friends you must have!

  4. Jess, that is a great idea. i will definitely go through and do that!

    Deb and Tif, thanks for the votes :) i do have good friends.

  5. I love the fashion tips. What you did is just what I'm looking for. Regular clothes, paired in different ways. These are real tips I can use when I go to my closet. I can't wait to see more.

  6. thanks so much for the comment Jen! these are the things that make my day :)