Friday, September 24, 2010

Brown and Black. Fashion Do or Don't?

a recent conversation with a friend sparked this idea. how many of you were raised with the belief that brown and black DO NOT match? if you have a black shirt don't even dare to wear a brown belt. and those black shoes should NEVER be paired with your favorite brown skirt. or how about grey and brown? don't even go there.

these days the rules in fashion and makeup are much more blurry. in fact, you pretty much make your own rules. this means, pull out those brown boots and pair them with your favorite black cardigan. it looks adorable.

according to fashion magazines, black and brown do match, and look quite sophisticated. have you ever wondered why in every smokey eye makeup kit they include brown? brown is inevitably included because it helps to warm up the look and eases the transition between black and white. same concept applies in clothing. brown helps warm up the look and this is especially appropriate for fall.

so go through you closets and reconsider your clothing. could you wear that brown cardigan with your grey shirt? you might find some new outfits you never considered. one thing to avoid, this look right here:



  1. love this post. i thought that for years, but as i am mind has been changed! one of my favorite color combos is a smoky gray and brown together. i love them.:)

  2. kiki, coming from you i consider this quite the compliment! you are the color queen. btw, i love the prints. you are such a talented graphic artist.