Monday, October 4, 2010

How to Apply Halloween Makeup

this week is going to be dedicated to one of my favorite holidays, Halloween. there's something about the social acceptability to dress however you like, wear crazy wigs, and apply pancake makeup to your face that just touches a soft spot in my heart. if you're anything like one of my fave bloggers you can skip all this and go as a trophy wife. a gold swimsuit and roll myself in glitter? sounds like fun.

for today's tip i am going to explain how to achieve the old lady/man face. this is a great makeup technique that can be used for many different costumes, and most of the makeup used is stuff you may already own.

step #1: apply your foundation makeup all over face and neck.
step #2: scrunch up your face to find your "natural" wrinkles. apply makeup that is a shade lighter than your nautral skin tone.
step #3: quit scrunching your face and fill in the creases left with a light brown eyeliner/eyebrow pencil. make sure to add emphasis to your crows feet, and the creases around your nose.
step #4: make your cheeks look even more sunken by darkening the hollows with a contour shade (a grey/brown color). use this same shade to darken alone your jaw line.
step #4: use your pencil liner to add liver spots and broken capillaries.
step #5: blend blend blend. pull out that large blending brush and give everything a good blend.

when you are finished apply baby powder to set the makeup. this can also give your skin a "dry" look (which is good). if you don't have a grey hair wig, use the baby powder in your hair. this is usually quite effective and not that difficult to wash out. take your look a step furthur by applying makeup/liver spots to the backs of your hands.

have fun!


ps. if there is a costume look you would like some tips on, please let me know!


  1. I think for this halloween I am going to go out without makeup. Children will cry and grown men will cower. It will be awesome.

  2. Debbie...the scariest costume of all. hahaha

    i'm holding out for another A.C. Slater and Jessie. that costume was so good it deserves two years in a row.

  3. Can I describe to you how much I love this post? Okay, I can't (and I still think my Kanye might hold a pretty strong candle to this. HA HA)You have no idea how close I was to buying the vest featured in your layering for fall video (and then I chickened out, but I'm going back to buy it). Honestly, girl...I am SO GLAD you started this blog!!!! LOVE THE STOOL (AND YOU).