Friday, November 5, 2010

Fashion Friday {Accessories Are Everything}

i recently had a conversation with a girlfriend. she mentioned that she had thrown on a necklace over her tshirt (which was slightly atypical of her). she was simply wearing a tshirt and jeans yet people kept commenting on how great she looked. she told me she thought it had to do with the necklace. i replied "it's all in the details".

from design to art to clothing to makeup, it is the details that bring something to life. fashion doesn't have to be about investing copious amounts of money, rotating your wardrobe, never wearing the same thing twice. it can simply be the details that make you fashionable. sure you are a tshirt and jeans type of girl, but throw on a great belt and you are that much closer to fabulousness. (is that even a word??)

accessories truly are everything. i might be feeling a little dowdy, but as soon as i swipe my favorite pink lipstick i immediately perk up. Rachel Zoe (a celebrity stylist) says "I can do without the newest dress or trousers if I can get my hands on a few accessories to update my wardrobe. Never leave accessories as an afterthought."

next time you're dressing yourself, take a quick second and evaluate how you feel. feeling dowdy? get out that lipstick. feeling dull? add some sequin. feeling like a mom? add some heels. you get the picture.

there is something to be said about looking and feeling your best. they often seem to go hand in hand. the best accessory is a smile. it WILL make or break your look.


ps. if you didn't already, take a minute to check out my video on how to accessorize. it's always nice to have a fresh perspective.


  1. love this reminder! it's so true...i'm usually pretty plain when it comes to my wardrobe, but i found a cute scarf recently and wore it with a (wait for it.....) white long sleeve t and skirt and got tons of compliments that night! Even from a stranger at fazoli's! :)

  2. Can my best accessory be my credit card? My mind says no but the economy says yes!

  3. I love me a simple T-shirt...and so many ways to accesorize with it! Love ya girl.

  4. i need to remember this more. can't imagine myself in sequins, though!:)

  5. love all your comments ladies.

    jami, your comment had me smiling. i think you are gorgeous and i love that you even have people stopping you in restaurants to tell you so!

    Deb, i think you and i have the same favorite accessory...haha

    Jess, that is what i love most about your style. casual yet cute. you always look great!

    and kiki...seriously. you could do sequins. :) xo