Saturday, November 6, 2010

In The Works

love it when you guys send me ideas/suggestions/requests/e-mails/comments/notes/tips/hellos/reminders/facebook friend requests/pictures/questions (is this overkill yet?) it is every bloggers dream.

here is a list of requests that i am currently working on:

- a good pencil eyeliner

-a good concealer

-Sonia Kashuk brush review/comparison

-applying eyeshadow

-color selection

-easy everyday hairstyles/up dos

thank you to everyone who takes the time to make these requests. to make sure i give you an honest review and recommendation can sometimes take a bit longer because i'll use several products and find one that i really love. other times it falls a few weeks back in my posting schedule.

just know that i am thinking of you, working on it, and really trying to find something for you.

if there is something else missing from this list, please let me know. you guys make this all worthwhile and i want to produce information that you would like to see.

i have also been working with a few makeup companies in reviewing products and testing them out. i am able to do this because of my great followers. if you haven't signed up to become a follower, i would really appreciate it. it's simple, just click the "Followers" link on the right hand side and enter your e-mail. doing this allows companies to see the extent of my readership which in turn makes them more inclined to work with me.

anyways, just wanted to give you guys an update of what's happening here behind the scenes.


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