Sunday, November 7, 2010

L'Oreal Telescopic Liquid Eyeliner {Grail or Fail}

my last video tutorial was How To Apply Liquid Eyeliner. in it i used L'Oreal's Telescopic Liquid Eyeliner. I mentioned that it had the same applicator as the Almay Liquid Eyeliner, PLEASE NOTE: i was wrong! when i began applying the eyeliner i realized it was not a fine point tip but rather like a fine point marker.

this is the second L'Oreal Liquid Eyeliner i have used (the first one i returned, it was a pen with the same tip, only larger). i do not like this applicator. the actual eyeliner is great. their choice of applicator is horrible. the problem is that with this applicator it is nearly impossible to get that precision point to your liquid eyeliner. in my humble opinion, the best part about liquid eyeliner is its precision!
when using the L'Oreal eyeliner it feels clumsy, as if i were using a jumbo marker. when working in an area that small, precision is key and i just don't get that from the Telescopic liner.

i'm sorry L'Oreal but this product was a Fail for me. i still heart you though.



  1. So what reasonably priced liquid eyeliner do you recommend? I tried Lancome Artliner and really liked it, but haven't shelled out the $30. Any ideas?

  2. Stefanie,
    i have used Revlon Colorstay liquid liner and Almay. i think both products work well and they are each at a reasonable price point (about $6).

  3. Thanks for the tip, and just fyi, I'm now a follower! (I'm also Noelle Bastian and Heather Whitehead's sister- and a recent fan of blushing basics. I've already turned a few friends onto your blog in Utah!)

  4. I've used both Almay's and L'Oreal's liquid eyeliner, and found that Almay's tip frizzes out way faster (when the brush/bristle loses its stiffness/effectiveness and starts messing up the line) than L'Oreal's, and Almay's pot of liquid is way smaller and as a result doesn't last as long. I love the telescopic eyeliner L'Oreal has, but I'm still on the hunt for a better one. And as I am a college student, I don't have the funds to shell out $30+ for the really good stuff.