Monday, November 8, 2010

Makeup Tip Monday {How to Choose Eyeshadow}

how to pick an eyeshadow color that works best for you can sometimes seem daunting. a while back i did makeup for a friend of my sister. she had these beautiful Asian eyes and creamy mocha skin. she insisted makeup didn't work for her eyelids, and worse, color was not her friend. after experimenting a bit we tried a turquoise color on her lids. it. was. amazing. i mean it. her eyes looked incredible. most people wouldn't give that color a try, but without trying, you never know what works.

here are a few tips and tricks to help you with that decision. just remember, be inventive, have fun, and don't worry too much about the color.

brown eyes:

go for it - gray, black, navy blue, neutral chocolate brown, hints of red, pink-brown, gray-brown, burgundy, or eggplant. these colors would work as eyeliners as well as eyeshadows. give paler versions of these colors a try if you are using them as eyeshadow.

skip it - if you have brown eyes and olive skin avoid khakis, taupes, and yellow brown. they will tend to bring out the yellow in your skin.

blue eyes:

go for it - fleshy pink (yuck, that is a horrible name, sorry), brown-pink, peachy-pink, mauve, gray, dusty blue, turquoise, black or ALL browns. these are great eyeshadow shades. if you are looking for liners, try: gray, black, brown, navy blue, bronze gold or dark purple.

skip it - if your skin has pink undertones, avoid shadows that are pure pink, i.e. fuchsia. avoid blues that are too strong. this will overwhelm your eye color.

green/hazel eyes:

go for it - peach, light pink, muted pink, mauve, green (bronze, gray, or brown hues), khaki, caramel, gold, ALL browns and grays. if you have an olive complexion stick to cool shades like navy blues, grays, bright mauve, pink, black or eggplants. any navy, deep purple, black, gray,, gold or brown liner will work.

skip it - any green that is not subtle. wearing bright greens will overwhelm your eye color. try a teal or turquoise if going for bright and apply it using a subtle wash.

these are just general rules, not laws. if you have a color you want to try, give it go! you never know how you'll luck unless you try it.

if you are one of those people who are intensely afraid of color, start off easy. just apply color right about the lashes and softly blend up. even the tiniest amount of color will make a statement.



  1. great tips! i'm always wondering what colors to try if i want to buy something new!

  2. Im going to try something new. Give me a color and brand that I should buy while keeping in line with my budget. Uhhhg, thats right I'm back on the budget.

  3. thanks cheeks!

    Amy, you should give Cover Girl or Revlon a try. Cover Girl has this great champagne color that works as an every day shade. Revlon has the quads that i love, where you can get four coordinating shades in one kit. uhhg, the budge. i feel you.