Friday, April 6, 2012

Makeup Tip {Applying Foundation}

here's a beauty blog backtrack i wrote last winter. considering the same rules still apply, i thought i would share again.

applying foundation can be a bit intimidating for some, and for others it is a snap. here are some tips on how to achieve a great face when applying your foundation:
  • the same foundation that works for you in the summer probably doesn't work for you in the winter. i know it can be expensive to make sure you have a foundation for every season but if you pick them up on clearance (often found at drugstores) it shouldn't be too hard on your wallet.
  • easy foundation application can be as simple as using your fingertips, the best makeup tool you have. if you want to go for an even smoother finish, try using a sponge or foam wedge. this will eliminate any harsh lines and the corners of the sponge are great for getting around the nose and on the inside corner of your eyes.
  • applying foundation to your eyelids can instantly brighten your look if you prefer a natural finish to your eyes.
  • the most obvious mistake with foundation is that line you get on your jaw and chin. to avoid this, apply your makeup from the center of your face outwards.
  • using a primer acts as "Velcro" for your foundation. primer gives you lasting strength and smoother coverage. if you want your makeup to look professional, don't skip the professional step.
hope that helps you get your face on.