Thursday, April 5, 2012

How To Choose An Eyebrow Color

oh the dilemma of deciding which shade to use for filling your brows isn't easy. while there are many options for how to fill your brows: gels, pencils, powders and dyes, there are also many colors.

here's an easy guide to help you gauge the color best suited to you.
  • those of you with Platinum hair, stay close to your natural brow shade and make sure to avoid any "warm" hues. cool beige's usually work best.
  • if you are a Silver fox, stick to ash-blonde shades for your brows.
  • if you have Black hair (that doesn't come from a bottle) select deep taupes or browns. they'll look black, but softer.
  • if you're a Red head, stick with the rules for light or dark hair, just choose a shade more brown. avoid orange eyebrows at all costs.
  • if you're somewhere inbetween, any beige/taupe shade works. avoid choosing a color that directly matches your brow color, rather go several shades lighter. i promise, it will look MUCH darker once applied.
go out there and color/cut/tame those brows! (how's that for a pep talk?!)


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