Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall Nail Polish Colors

here is a repost of fall nail polish trends that i wrote about for kiki creates:

last fall i reported to readers the IT color was Greige. if there was one nail polish color you were to choose, greige was the one (if you're interested you can check it out here). this year, i seem to be seeing Blurple everywhere!

you might be asking yourself what exactly is Blurple? according to the Urban Dictionary Blurple = the combination of black and purple

Friend 1- "Whats your favorite color?"

Friend 2- "Blurple."

Friend 1- "WTH is Blurple?"

Friend 2- "Black+Purple = Blurple."

without further ado, here are some Blurple options for you!

OPI came out with a great color this season called Roadhouse Blues. this color goes on smooth, last several days and definitely worth the investment (approx. $8-9 a bottle)

next up is China Glaze. a fierce competitor to OPI at a slightly lower price point ($7-10 a bottle). China Glaze's Up All Night is a great option if you are looking to get your Blurple on.

for those of you who are fans of Anna Wintour you know about Fashion's Night Out, started by Anna Wintour a few years ago to jump start the slumping fashion industry. this year, Chanel debuted their "special" FNO collection with Blue Rebel being my fave. This price point is much more of an investment, so if you REALLY love it, then go for it ($25-30 a bottle).

but no nail polish review would be complete without my plug for Seche Vite. i love it and is a must have in my bag. if you're interested, you can read more here.

because we love to keep the readers in style, we are offering one lucky reader the chance to win China Glaze's Up All Night and a sample size of Seche Vite. head over to kiki creates to enter.

and if you want to win some Bare Minerals eyeshadow, head over here and leave a comment with a Halloween costume idea. Good luck!

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