Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Makeup (your) Questions (my) Answers

I stumbled onto your blog a few months ago and I love it! I have never really learned how to apply any makeup styles other than the super simple techniques the gal at the Clinique counter taught me when my mom took me to buy makeup for the first time at 14. Your tutorials are great and I love your tips on what makeup brands are worth paying more for and what grocery brands are good.

I have issues with eye liner on my bottom lid. Even if I am just lining my water line, it always smudges and smears under my eyes. I don't care for the smudged look (especially when eye liner settles into the fine lines under my eyes). Do you have any tips (or eyeliner brands that are more smudge proof) to get a crisp, clean line for my lower lid that will stay all day without smudging?

Black Eyed


Dear BE

thanks so much for the e-mail! i love hearing from readers and getting opinions, questions, etc. puts a smile on my face every time.

the problem with eyeliner/mascara smearing on people's lower lid is very common. this problem can be caused by the type of lotion you use on your face, possibly the type of foundation or concealer you use, or just the fact that this area tends to produce higher amounts of oil.

first, i would recommend trying to find the culprit, is it your eyeliner or is it it your lotion/foundation/concealer? give yourself one or two days to test the area. try not to apply any lotion/foundation/concealer to your lower eyelid area and see if your eyeliner still smudges. if it does, proceed to step two :)

step two, go for a waterproof eyeliner. MAC has a waterproof eyeliner that is fantastic and lasts quite a long time. I would give this a shot. If you are looking for a less expensive product, try Revlon or Almays waterproof eyeliner (try going over the area with a powder (i.e. black eyeshadow) immediately after applying, this typically helps makeup to stay put). if you try these and you still smudge...proceed to step three.

go for a different type of lower eyelid color. instead of lining, perhaps take a dark powder and use that to line your lower lid. this can be done with a "Pencil Brush". sounds a little weird, but actually works really well.

i hope this helps.



Dear Kristie

As I'm getting older (33 with 2 kids) I THINK I'm noticing more facial hair (very blonde peach fuzz) I'm a natural Strawberry Blonde with freckles.

I've thought of asking my husband if he's noticed it too, but then I'm afraid he'll really notice and stare at my possible facial hair. Does facial hair come in on women as they age and what should women do? Ignore, wax, shave?

Also I'm very prone to adult acne, do you have any tips on this embarrassing problem?

Hair Matters

Dear HM,
thanks so much for your letter and believe me when I say I feel your pain. over the last few years I have definitely seen a development of facial hair that was not there 10 years ago :)

i do believe that with changing hormones/age things such as facial hair tend to become more pronounced. pregnancy can often be the catalyst. as far as your options go, it really is all up to personal preference. i do not like waxing my lip because it feels too bare, however my sisters swear by it. i don't recommend shaving because that will leave you with more obvious stubble because instead of the hair growing new, it is cut off mid shaft and looks a bit thicker when growing back. your hair won't become thicker, it may just appear to be a bit thicker. my favorite route is either plucking and or bleaching. But I have less peach fuzz and more sporadic dark hairs.

maybe you could give waxing a try. if you don't like it, move on to another option such as dipilatory creams. i hope this was helpful, if you ever have any more questions, please feel free to ask.


please keep your questions coming. i love hearing from you guys and if you have ANY questions, just let me know.


  1. Hi, HM should ask her doctor if PCOS might be the cause of her facial hair & adult acne. Lifestyle changes and/or medications can help regulate the hormones & clear up the acne and facial hair.

  2. thanks for the tip! i agree that checking with a doctor is a good idea.