Friday, September 30, 2011

MAC Autumn/Winter Trends 2011

here is a glimpse of the new looks brought by MAC for Autumn and Winter 2011. the styles are: Modernist, Ambre Gris, Tough Love and Disco Tech.

first up, Modernist:

this is a contemporary look at an old classic. light lipsticks, winged eyeliner, and lashes lashes lashes. the Modernist brings back the Mod we all love, in a current way. dewy glowing skin is key for this look.

next, Ambre Gris:

Ambre Gris is the romantic look of the season. soft lines, no harsh color and diffused pigments. Ambre Gris is the look for lovers.

Tough Love is the name of this look:

with all the attitude of Kate Moss and just the right amount of smoky, Tough Love works for the leather enthusiast. smoke out your eyes, eyebrows, lips, whatever, Tough Love does not discriminate.

last but not least is Disco Tech:

Disco Tech embodies all things color. embrace the color of your mood and apply pops of golds pinks and blues in unexpected places.

these looks are designed to inspire. surely we wouldn't walk around town with a gold eyebrow, but perhaps gold eyeliner? take a look through these pics and see if there is something you love. like the idea of being a romantic? then try this Urban Chic makeup tutorial. if Modernist speaks to you, check out my liquid eyeliner tutorial, it is a must for the Modernist. Tough Love loves a rebel. if that's you then try my Rebel Look tutorial. and if Disco Tech is your thing, you'll have to learn that one on your own :)


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