Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pirate Makeup Tutorial

here's a quick pic of me and the fam spending our Monday night together delivering halloween invitations. we are having a Pirate party and decided to throw on a few scarves to authenticate ourselves while we passed out the invites.

Tman and i will be dressing up as pirates for the party and if you would like to see a quick and easy Pirate Makeup Tutorial, head over to kiki creates to see my latest video tutorial. (it has been MONTHS since i have done one of these so please, excuse the mistakes :)



  1. That video was AMAZING. LOVE it and you!:)

  2. thanks kiki! i laugh every time i see it. :)

  3. So I found your blog now that you're posting on Kiki & Co. and I LOVE it. I seriously need help in the makeup department!! So since you're taking requests...I want to be a fairy this halloween (specifically a green one since I have an awesome green wig) and I want to do something super cool with my eyes. Any ideas/suggestions?? Thanks!!

  4. Nicole, just finished a video tutorial for a simple pixie makeup look. check out Kiki's blog tomorrow for the video :)

  5. Awe man! We miss you guys. I love the photo on top and I hope that your pirate party is a huge success.

  6. miss you too Joni. we have a couple in our ward who Tman refers to as "like the Wrights". almost, but not quite as cool ;)