Monday, September 12, 2011

Makeup (Your) Questions (My) Answers

Hi Kristie,

I love your website and videos, my friends and I watch them and I think you are fantastic.

Okay, here's my problem that I hope you can help me with. My eyes, I believe, are more like a boys as my eyes are deep set directly beneath my brow bone. When looking straight into my face and with my eyes open, you can barely see my eyelids. I hate them, even though people say I'm attactive. I'd like to get your opinion on what technique I should use when applying eye shadow to make them stand out. Most of my friends are Asian here and they don't have this problem, I'm very envious of their look as well as the attention they always get from the boys in my school.

I'm 15 years old and living with my dad. I hope you can help me.


Young & Restless

Dear Y & R,
Thank you so much for writing. Your letter was so sweet and I appreciate the compliments! I can give you some basic tips for makeup to accent your specific eye shape. Try to stick to light, shimmery colors, as these will make the lid stand out more instead of seeming shadowed. If you want to get a smokier look, use your darker colors ONLY in the outer corners of your eyes.
The best advice I can give you is to appreciate your beauty. I know it is hard at the age of 15 to feel beautiful, and it seems like everyone else has prettier features, are more attractive to boys, etc. Believe me, you are just as pretty! Feeling confident about the way you look is expressed through your attitude and that is beautiful.
This may be easier said than done but possibly try focusing on the features you like most, perhaps your lips or your cheekbones, and you will find beauty in the way you look.
Good luck!


Dear Kristie,
My step-daughter is getting married in May and I need help with my own make-up look. I will be doing my own hair and make up. Here are my concerns:
1. I usually only wear a light dusting of mineral powder and I know this will not look good in pics.

2. The wedding is in Charleston, SC at the end of May so it is going to be HOT. I don't want my face to melt!

3. I am still fairly young so I want to look nice but not hoochie mama or old maid.

Can you please give me some suggestions? Thank you so much.


Wedding Belle


Dear W.B.,

Thank you so much for writing. Congratulations on the wedding and best wishes to your step-daughter. To answer your questions about makeup for the wedding here is my advice:
Make sure to wear a makeup primer. I really like MAC's Prep + Prime. While it is on the spendier side, it will definitely help your makeup to not melt off in the humidity! Having lived in a humid place for the last four years, I can tell you this step is essential. Second, you are correct, mineral powder does not reflect well in pictures. Try looking for a foundation that is specifically designed for photography. Revlon has a product that is inexpensive and works well, or you could go for my absolute favorite, Make Up Forever HD foundation. At $40 a bottle it is expensive, but it's coverage is amazing and little goes a LONG way. If you are worried about looking over made up, only a pea sized amount of product provides great coverage without looking heavy or cakey. Last, to avoid looking too hoochie or old maid, make sure to blend! Sounds simple but really, make up that is well blended avoids looking hoochie or old.

Good luck with your makeup and I hope the wedding is fun! If you have any other questions, or want more specific recommendations, please let me know.


if you have any questions you would like me to answer for you, please write! krispie2009 at hotmail dot com. if you have any questions about me, feel free to ask.


  1. Kristie, I have a question for you. What do you do when your fashion (and life) inspiration moves and you are left wandering through a humorless life wearing pajama jeans (actually, my husbands old lacrosse shorts. Pajama jeans would be an improvement).

    Ohh - also, how do I hide this mustache thing I got going on from pregnancy mask without looking like I have a concealer addiction?

    Do you miss me yet? I miss you.

  2. Debbie, dying.of.laughter.

    you better believe this will make the Q & A