Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Missoni for Target

today is the day! i haven't been this excited about a Target Designer Collection in a long time. Missoni has designed clothing, accessories, and housewares for Target shoppers. i can finally get my paws on some designer goods that have previously been unobtainable to me. i know i sound ridiculous, but really, i'm going bananas.

here's a sneak peak at some of the women's clothing:

that zigzag pattern is timeless. from your head to your toes you can be draped in Missoni, or perhaps you would rather your children enjoy a little:

Missoni for Target goes on sale today and is for a limited time only. run don't walk if you are interested in buying some because these beauties are going to go fast.

if you have a few extra seconds, head over here to kiki creates to check out my latest post on fall's hottest nail polish colors and enter to WIN some polish of your own.



  1. Haha I have to laugh at this. I actually work at Target, but I'm no fashionista so when I see the Missoni line I just cannot bring myself to see the timeless design of the zigzag. ;) I am so glad that there are people more fashion and designer conscious than myself because this line is supposed to sell out cuh-raaazy fast. And my store was actually expecting a line outside of their doors this morning for Missoni fans looking to buy some merchandise. Good luck getting your favorite pieces!!

  2. Jennie, i was cracking up from your comment. it really is one of those ridiculous things that i just can't explain, the zigzag speaks to me :) sort of like the Pucci swirl. it's been around forever, immediately recognizeable, and timelessly chic.
    thanks for sharing the deets on how crazy this event is. i knew i would go bananas but i didn't realize Target was expecting it to be such a big hit. let us know if it does sell out. thanks again!

  3. Ahh - the Pucci swirl! You know I speak your language! I got the girls some fab Missioni but I didn't find anything in my size.:-( I'd love to see what you got!!! - Sarah Lunt