Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Beauty Tips for your Hair

here are some beauty tips to add some swag to your hairstyling.

1. add some color with feathers:

these little extensions can give instant perk to any hairstyle. what is amazing about these extensions is that you can blow dry, curl, and straighten them. they behave as your hair would and look oh so cute peeking out of your locks.

2. add some clips:

even the tiniest of clips add color and style to your mane. go big or go little, just go for it. hair accessories are not just for those 10 and under.

3. add some texture:

thicken up those strands with a few spritzes of Bumble and Bumble's thickening spray. transform limp locks to textured and full bodied. adding volume to your hairstyle is like instant va-va-voom. pair it with some platform pumps and you're set.

4. add some curl (or not):

if you are straight go for curly or if you are curly go for straight. whatever it is, changing up your usual look makes you feel like a new woman. if you haven't, i would suggest investing in a quality curling iron or straightener. both are worth the investment and eliminates the hassle of waiting for your iron to heat up as well as curl. a nice iron does both in just seconds.

5. try a new style:
here's me capturing my "Fall Look" with my Shu Uemura Color Atelier

who cares if you haven't tried it before? have fun with your hair. twist it, rat it, curl it, braid it. trying something new will get you noticed. this simple top knot caught Tman's attention, and capturing a man's attention to your hairstyle doesn't happen often.

there is never a bad time to add some swag to your style. hope you found these beauty tips helpful and if you have any to add, please comment!



  1. Love that look! Headbands are also an easy way to accessorize and I also like to change my color every so often. Oh, and braids! Braids are so 'in' right now and such a pretty alternative to ponytail or the same ol messy bun that I always do. I'm always doing something different with my hair. I get bored with it easily. :)

  2. Great tips hun! :)