Friday, December 2, 2011

Eye Makeup Tips {How To}

applying eye makeup can be as simple as 1-2-3, yet many people allow themselves to be intimidated by it. here is a really basic (and easy) eye makeup tutorial for a natural everyday eye. no fail, i promise.

take a nude/shimmery shade and apply it from the inner corner of your eye to approximately 2/3rds of your eyelid.

using that same brush (to mix some of that shimmery color with the darker color) take a dark mocha accent color and apply in a small triangle to the outer 1/3rd of your eyelid.

last, apply a very light shimmery color to your brow bone for highlight (makes your eyes and arches appear brighter and higher)

and your easy everyday eye tutorial is complete. you too can apply makeup like a pro without being a pro.


(this is my first time experimenting with this type of eye make-up tutorial [how-to]. i would love to hear what your think.)