Tuesday, November 29, 2011

So Embarassing...

this last Friday i had one of those moments that is mortifying and funny at the same time. however, the wound is still a little fresh so i would rather not share the story until i can really laugh at myself about it.

instead, i thought i would share an embarrassing story worth laughing about now.

there is advice floating around that if you have sweaty feet, try adding a light dusting of cornstarch to your feet before going sockless in flats to keep your feet dry. well, a girlfriend of mine heard this advice and sweaty feet WAS a problem for her so she thought, why not give it a go?

turns out, she had a Dr. appointment that day and didn't give her cornstarched feet a second thought until they told her to undress. as soon as her little peds stepped out of those shoes she realized that the cornstarch had turned into a paste. not only that, but her feet were leaving cute little white footprints everywhere she stepped. panicked, she ran to the sink to soak a few paper towels with the intent to not only clean her foot, but her foot prints also. as she frantically scrubbed at her feet (to only worsen the cornstarch paste already created) there was a polite knock at the door and the doctor walked in. i am sure you can imagine the embarrassment. how do you explain cornstarch footprints and paste encrusted feet?

we have all had beauty nightmares like this where we give some beauty advice a try only to have it go horribly wrong. my story involves this:
and this:

but this blog is read by my family members and i will spare you the details. just know that when things go wrong, we have all been there before.

yours in beauty...