Friday, November 11, 2011

Hair Tutorial Video and a Thank You

i made this video almost exactly ONE year ago! i can't believe a year has gone by already. technically my blog has been On Air for about a year and a half, but i only consider myself to have full time blogged for one year (baby, move, job change = no blogging). i have loved blogging, i enjoy reading your comments, and i like the challenge of coming up with new and creative ideas to share.

if you are new to this blog, here's a little about me:
  1. i cry a little and laugh a lot. sometimes it's the other way around.
  2. i love having friends and consider myself lucky for the friends i have.
  3. makeup is not my life, but it makes my life brighter. i step into a makeup store and my heart skips a beat. my pulse races and my breath quickens. seriously. sounds a little crazy but i have been this way my whole life. advice in life is always, "find a job that you love". i found it.
  4. i love my family more than anything. i adore them. Tman is hands down, the best thing that has ever happened to me. the other night, he kissed me on the lips and said "i have the greatest thing to ever come out of the Tri-Cities" and he meant it.
if you are new to blogging (or are a blogging enthusiast) you know success can be measured in many ways. some of the successes of my blog are:
  1. my stats are always improving. the longer i blog, the better response i get from my readers, new and old. thank you!
  2. i receive positive feedback from the companies who provide me with products to review. i work with some awesome PR people and they have been so generous to continue providing Blushing Basics with products for review. thank you!
  3. my friends i have made. i love making new friends and i appreciate all of my family and friends who support my blogging habit, as well as refer me to their friends. thank you!
i hope you can see from my list that none of this would be possible without YOU. so a huge hug and kiss from me to you for helping me do this. i continue to set goals to meet, my next goal is for 500 followers. once i reach that benchmark i want to do a great big giveaway. bigger than anything we have yet to see. so leave me a response and tell me what you would like to see as a giveaway and i will do my best to make it an extra special thank you.

and that my friends, is a year in blogging.


ps. happy birthday to my brother Greg (a day early), to my SIL Stacy Ann, my sweet little buddy Amelia, and hopefully? baby Bowcutt.


  1. I'm a new follower from the Friday hop.


  2. new follower from the hop! would love a follow back. I think a straight iron would be a fun giveaway :)

  3. this is one of my favorite videos you've done. :) Can't wait till my hair is long again so I can do braids.

  4. Loved your hair tutorial. I am your newest follower from the hop, hope you will drop by my blog @
    WV Stitcher when you get a chance. Have a fantastic weekend.

  5. Great video for great ideas in this blog.
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  6. It's really nice to get a bit more personal, thank you for sharing parts of you with us! Your tutorials are really good! I have silly curly hair, and I never know what to do with it. You've given me some good ideas. I'm glad you've had a good year blogging! xxx

  7. I love the video! You are so cute! :) I always do my hair with the little braid on the right side, but can never french braid the left side! It's so weird. but all of the styles are super cute and so easy! Definitely going to try them all. Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm following you back. :)


  8. Oh I love love love hair tutorials, Thanks for sharing!!!

  9. We are loving your blog, and I'm pretty sure we're following you (kind of new to the technology part of blogging!) What video editing do you use? We love it!

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  11. I enjoyed the hair tutorial, darling!
    Thank you for sharing your ideas.

    Thank you for your comment. I apologize for my late reply...
    I'm now following you in GFC and would love a follow back.

  12. Loved it as much as the first time I watched it... a year ago! Where does time go? Thanks for sharing yourself with us.

  13. Love this video! My hair is up often so I definitely would love to change it up. I think the first 3 or 4 were my favorite.

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  14. Great post! I am exactly the same way when I walk into a makeup store or aisle. Its so exciting, lol :)

  15. hi, krisite! lovely blog you have here. you look so young... :) i am inspired by you blog, and am a new follower. hope we can stay connected. cheers!