Monday, November 28, 2011

Hard Candy Holiday Makeup Tutorial (Beauty Blog Back Track}

here is another beauty blog back track i recently posted on kiki creates and thought i would repost for you here as well

Hard Candy cosmetics are perfect for holiday looks because they give you an inexpensive variety to add to your everyday makeup. changing your style, or vamping up your look, doesn't have to cost a fortune. just head to your nearest Walmart, pick out a few key items, and easy peasy a new you.

here's a makeup tutorial i made for this upcoming holiday season using the newest Limited Edition products (which can be as low as $1) as well as some of the fall line of product i reviewed here. i also have on my gorgeous $1 nail polish that i reviewed here.

that lip tattoo that i finished with i reviewed ages ago and still love it. hope you all had a great holiday weekend. we are on year round school here so my holiday continues until the New Year. yippee!



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  3. great tutorial! love Hard Candy!