Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Destination Beauty Red Carpet Challenge

confession, i am that nerdy blogger who enters contests. yes, i enter because 1) i want to win 2) it's actually pretty fun and 3) it gives me a chance to try something new.

when i saw that YouTube was collaborating with L'Oreal's Destination Beauty Channel in the search for the next Beauty Guru i thought, why not?

this contest challenged me in many ways. you are only allowed 4 minutes of airtime, for a full face makeup look, 4 minutes is NOTHING! i also had to learn how to do voice over (excuse my monotonous tone, it was really awkward trying to talk into the microphone on my computer screen). plus, i had an excuse to do a photo shoot with Kellie Anderson (we laughed a lot and are still laughing about it).

here are the criteria:

§ Quality of Instruction (are the instructions easy to understand & follow) (40%)
§ Quality of Production (quality of the video, lighting, etc.) (20%)
§ Quality of the End Result (hair, make-up, and total appearance) (40%)

let me know what you think! i will happily take any and all criticisms. aaaggghhh, this is really embarrassing!