Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Destination Beauty Red Carpet Challenge

confession, i am that nerdy blogger who enters contests. yes, i enter because 1) i want to win 2) it's actually pretty fun and 3) it gives me a chance to try something new.

when i saw that YouTube was collaborating with L'Oreal's Destination Beauty Channel in the search for the next Beauty Guru i thought, why not?

this contest challenged me in many ways. you are only allowed 4 minutes of airtime, for a full face makeup look, 4 minutes is NOTHING! i also had to learn how to do voice over (excuse my monotonous tone, it was really awkward trying to talk into the microphone on my computer screen). plus, i had an excuse to do a photo shoot with Kellie Anderson (we laughed a lot and are still laughing about it).

here are the criteria:

§ Quality of Instruction (are the instructions easy to understand & follow) (40%)
§ Quality of Production (quality of the video, lighting, etc.) (20%)
§ Quality of the End Result (hair, make-up, and total appearance) (40%)

let me know what you think! i will happily take any and all criticisms. aaaggghhh, this is really embarrassing!



  1. You did great Kristie!!! Love it! Dallin keeps asking to watch it ;)

  2. I love your tutorials. I was never officially shown how to apply my make up. I just kind of learned over the years. I got a book at one point, but it was very dramatic looks and make up-ing. You make the process easy to follow and it's nice that you have brands you like, but I know I could find similar products that work for me/my budget. Thanks for sharing. I hope the contest goes well.

  3. great tutorial , you did a awesome good! good luck!

  4. I love it! Just like I love all of your tutorials! Like someone else said, I only know what I made up as I went along. Seeing your instructionals helps a ton!

    PS My fav mascara is Loreal Voluminous! I haven't tried any dept store brands in a long time, but in the past, I always preferred the Loreal.

  5. Aaaww, this was so cute! Awesome, I love it, and you are so beautiful!

  6. I really like this look! You did great. What brushes do you use? They look so fluffy!

  7. How do you vote!??? GORGEOUS
    Love it! You are the best one I've seen Great!

  8. This was great Kris! I love the look and you always make it look super easy :) Love you, I hope you win!!

  9. Wonderful! Great job and you look amazing too!! Hope you win!

  10. wowww... u did great in 4 mins n looked gorgeous as well. goodluck with the competition.x