Thursday, February 23, 2012

Eye Makeup Tutorial {1-2-3}

one of my favorite "simple" eye makeup looks is a purple crease. i like purple because it tends to bring out the slight hue of green in my eyes, and it also manages to look good with everything. here is your easy eye makeup tutorial so that you can apply your eye makeup like a pro.

you will need a nude shadow for eyelid and a purple shadow for your crease. i used a very fluffy brush for this look. the fluffier your brush, the better diffused your shadow will be, making blending a cinch.

  1. apply nude shadow to entire eyelid
  2. beginning at the outer corner of eye (so that color impact is strongest) press purple shadow into your crease using windshield wiping motion
  3. follow with a highlighter to your browbone for contour