Sunday, April 29, 2012

Makeup Giveaway

this week's giveaway is courtesy of Minerals Mate. i was excited when they contacted me to host a giveaway because i have been in the market for a makeup "palette" and this has everything i was looking for.

most mineral based products are messy due to lids that are meant to double as an application surface. the Minerals Mate allows you to pour your powder into a compartment and use it until empty, rather than pouring from container to lid to container every time you apply makeup. Minerals Mate was designed for mineral makeup application but also works well with creams and loose powders. lids for each "well" allow for portability which makes Minerals Mate a great option for traveling.

this is also a good solution for "Foiling" eyeshadow (you can check out my tutorial here). blending your shadow with liquid can be messy and possibly contaminate your original supply of makeup. your Minerals Mate makes blending easy.

my favorite thing about the Minerals Mate is that it is dishwasher safe. if you know me personally you know i put everything in the dishwasher. it is my own personal autoclave, i.e. sterilizer. 

in case you don't have mineral or pigment makeup i have included two MAC pigments to get you started.
a gorgeous purple shade and a white shimmer, perfect for summer.

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