Sunday, April 29, 2012

Petite Box {Review}

a few days ago we received a package in the mail. after checking the shipping label i was excited to see that our petiteBox had arrived. i finally had a box whose contents were intended not only for me, but my daughters as well. we decided to have an impromptu photoshoot to show you what was included:

Gorgeous Georges and Sissy Boo are curious about the contents

GG and SB fight over petiteBox items, typical sisters :)

top left: SB showing us the cleansing towelettes safe enough for BOTH sets of cheeks. top right: GG making a run for it while wielding the WELEDA Skin Care products. bottom: GG holding her new cuddly snuggly and set of MAM pacifiers,  SB is holding tight to the Earth Friendly Baby bubble bath and MD Moms towelettes.
petiteBox is similar to glamBox, but instead of new makeup product and samples every month, you receive product and samples for mom & baby.

included in this box were:

  • MAM pacifiers
  • cuddly snuggly (GG ate the tag so i am a little unsure of the specific brand)
  • MD Moms towelettes
  • Earth Friendly Baby bubble bath
  • 3 WELEDA skin care deluxe samples

for $25 you can receive your own monthly shipment of the latest and greatest products for babies and moms. maybe you don't have an infant? petiteBox makes a great gift option for expecting moms. buy them one box or a year subscription, either way they are sure to love it.

my favorite thing about petiteBox was definitely the packaging (i'm a sucker for it). packed in a beautiful box tied with ribbon, items were carefully placed and stowed inside box, making it feel like a glamourous present.

for more information check out petiteBox here.



  1. I wish we had something like that in England, it would have a made great gift to my sister in law who is expecting a little one soon!

    The pictures are so adorable!!

    1. Tania, you should look at they have been doing monthly bundles for mum-to-be and new mums in the UK for a while now.

      Lovely pics btw!

  2. When you review a company, you should do research on them. Read up on internationally-hated Rocket Internet and the Samwer brothers, owners of GlossyBox and PetiteBox.

    This is the truth about this company. They are rich Germans that steal ideas from good, hard-working entrepreneurs. They don't want to you know, and they pretend like they are a mom & pop company, but they are a big conglomerate that steals ideas from other companies and then copies them. We need to spread the word about their shady companies, and not award their bad behavior. That isn't the American way.

  3. Just looking into this subscription and saw your post. Based off of this box, I figured you had paid $10 for it. I don't think it was remotely worth $25. I highly recommend Citrus Lane- it's a MUCH better value!