Monday, April 30, 2012

Wake Up With Makeup {Video Tutorial}

there are mornings where the bags under my eyes are so large i could pack for a weekend getaway. blame it on lack of sleep, too much salt, or poor hydration. any way you frame it, it's not pretty.

i know i am not alone in this, you've all experienced it at some point or another. here are some tips on how to: 
Wake Up With Makeup

  • use a brightening foundation. for this tutorial i used my Hello Flawless Brightening Makeup by Benefit. this will help give your skin a glow it may be lacking.
  • try an under eye "de-puffer". there are too many of these products to count (many of them highly priced) so a big thanks to Hard Candy for creating Eye'm Tired. a cost effective way to eliminate puffiness around your eyes.
  • conceal! makeup artists will even use a white eyeliner under the eyes if the under eye circle is particularly dark or puffy. i stick with my always trusty Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage. that concealer will cover anything.
  • avoid dark makeup. stick to light reflecting makeup in subtle tones. this will make eyes appear brighter. i used Hard Candy's That's How Eye Roll, one end is a cream stick and the other is a loose powder shadow. avoid any eyeliner on the bottom eyelid.

here's a quick video tutorial i created showing you how i use the above mentioned products.



  1. Great tutorial. You look really pretty!

  2. good job on the video! I definitely could use some tips on looking more awake in the morning. :)