Tuesday, May 8, 2012

DIY Skrillex {Hair Tutorial}

by now you have probably seen the growing popularity of the "skrillex" haircut. named after the "dub step" king Skrillex, this half shaved hair-do is seen on many a pop queen. while the original skrillex "do" is a half shaved head i'm not willing to sacrifice my hair for a trend. instead i saw this alternative version on my girl Ev from Basketball Wives and thought it would make a good tutorial.

here's a glimpse of some recent glamour girls to jump on board the skrillex train:

to create your own "faux skrillex"

  • give yourself a stick straight side part.
  • section the area you want to braid and clip away hair you want to avoid
  • braid section and repeat three times

this definitely has an urban swagger to it but it is great for summer. step outside of the box and give something like this a try. you just might like it.


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  1. Kendell will love this. Nice job with allure!! You are awesome :)

  2. Lovely! My friend from high school actually shave part of her head. I won't lie, it looks dang awesome, but that growth is gonna be terrible when she's over that trend.

    1. haha, i agree! that's why i'll stick to the braids :)

  3. This is awesome I'm so going to do this!! Voted for u at allure =D

  4. Katie had her hair like this for a long time. We lovingly referred to it as the "smullet" or side mullet. :) great tutorial Kris.

  5. Voted!! Love the hair!! Loving your site!! New folow from the blog hop!! Showing you some love across the social networks <3

    xo, Jersey Girl