Friday, November 2, 2012

Smashbox Image Factory {Review + Tutorial}

this fall Smashbox introduced their Image Factory Collection. included in that collection is the above eyeshadow palette Muse. in my opinion this product is a steal because you get six colors for $39 plus a double ended brush. these products would cost you upwards of $100 if you were to purchase them each individually so buying the palette is a definite win.

one of the reasons i love the above palette so much is because it includes matte shades. can i get a shout out for matte?!

matte shades are superheros because they look good on e'eryone. shimmer shades are fun and can give a lot of dimension, but if you have any sort of crepey-ness or crinkles in your eyelid you are aged 5-10 years. enter matte. matte shades can give you depth if layered and actually hide any crepey-ness or crinkles. major bonus for the over 30 crowd.

you may remember i hooked my MIL up with an older eye tutorial here. below i have created another easy step by step eye tutorial making makeup a cinch. plus, any age will benefit from this look.
  1. apply matte pink shade to entire eyelid.
  2. follow with matte taupe shade from base of the eyelashes to crease.
  3. contour the crease using a blend of matte chocolate brown and a touch of warm brown shimmer
  4. enjoy!

quick tip: i have become a brown eyelid crease addict! whether i am using black, grey, pink or blue, a warm brown applied over whatever crease color you choose does wonders to help blend, diffuse and shape the eyelid.


want more Smashbox? their contour palette is a MUST HAVE. Smashbox also made it into my Good Day Colorado Fall Colors segment here.


  1. So just watched the "about me" video and miss you too much.

    You had me at hello...and then at "while I'm cleaning the toilets", and again at the DANCE PARTY. Of course.:)

    I just love you. Congrats on everything you've accomplished with this blog and beyond!!

    You're amazing!!

  2. I am a brown blending addict also! Mac Soft Brown is my favorite--it just blends so well and softens the look. Glad I'm not the only one! :)

  3. I love this palette , it is beautiful , u love so pretty!! Im a new follower Id love if you could follow back