Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year, New You

remember what i said before about resolutions? i don't really do the whole resolution thing but i do like the idea of Be Better. to Be Better is not to change my life, but to work harder at improving who i already am.
the New Year is the perfect time to start your Be Better attempt campaign philosophy and there are simple ways to begin improving the state of your appearance. with the help of mark i was able to select a few beauty and fashion products that will help me Be Better. 

new scent, new jewelry, new lip color.

let's begin with one of my lust list lip colors of the moment - the Arabesque lip color from the new 2013 Laura Mercier Spring Collection. this lip color is the perfect pinky nude. i have dreamt about this color my whole life. beautiful doesn't begin to describe it.

arabesque by laura mercer

new scent will not only leave you feeling refreshed but also cause others to take a second glance, or sniff. new perfumes are a way to change your mood and give you that extra spice - like salsa to your burrito. mark offers a genius solution of perfume solids, perfect for your purse, or try out the bath trio. the best way to keep a scent is to bath, lather, lotion and spritz. this will keep you smelling oh so sweet all day and night.

new jewelry. change your outfit one bracelet at a time. true story: i once received a compliment in Chick-Fil-A from a woman telling me i looked very 'put together'. it wasn't my outfit she was complimenting (jeans and a long sleeve T) it was the accessories. i took the brief moments to add a necklace & earrings and that alone transformed blah to blam-O. 

star studded earrings by mark

the point of that story is not to say i am a genius at accessorizing - it happens twice a week if i'm lucky - but the fact that people actually notice. taking those few extra moments for yourself, picking a scent a lip color or earrings do make a difference. 

whatever you choose i just hope you feel better. for me, looking my best helps me feel my best.