Friday, January 11, 2013

Winners, Winning & Help Me Win

first there are several winners i need to announce from recent giveaways.

congratulations to the winner of the ThinkThin giveaway. these bars are delicious and if you are a fan of the protein bar i would recommend them wholeheartedly. please take a minute to visit them on Facebook. ThinkThin has committed to donating money to charity for every 'share' of their New Years Tips.

congratulations to the winner of the Shabby Apple giveaway. you are the lucky winner of a $50 gift card.

congratulations to the winner of the John Frieda giveaway. check out the post to see if the Rafflecopter lists you as the winner!

i am working on putting together a giveaway courtesy of Apricot Lane. you are in for some amazing winning.

last but not least i need you to help me win. i am in the running for Top 25 Beauty Blogger of the Year by Circle of Moms. it would be such an honor to place in the top five (i am currently fourth!). all i need from you is two clicks.

click the link below and then click 'Vote' - next to Blushing Basics of course!

i just want to leave you with my love and respect. i just received my press credentials for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week this February. i am over the moon about having this privilege and i have each and every one of you (yes you, reading this right now) to thank. i could have never had these opportunities without the support of amazing subscribers, Facebook fans, YouTube subscribers, Twitter followers, & every pin on Pinterest.

thank you.



  1. I just voted girl!! Because you are indeed my fav!!

  2. Voted! All the best xx

  3. Love you!! You're my American idol!:) and do you feel about making me look like Angelina? #miracles? #excitementcannotbecontained