Thursday, February 28, 2013 Clothing Review

i was recently sent the jacket above from eShakti. before we go any further let me explain something about myself. i'm unusually pint-sized. if pint-sized had a baby, her name would be Kristie. barely 5'1" and i only break the triple digits when i'm pregnant because my genetic code doesn't allow for it. before you begin to think i'm bragging i'll share another little secret - my parents had me genetically tested when i was a child because they thought something was wrong with me. 

i am abnormally small.

clothes shopping is a nightmare for all women, especially when you don't fit into average sized women's clothing. whether you are smaller than the average or larger than the average, shopping for clothes really can become Mission Impossible.

here's where the genius of eShakti comes in - they are a unique women's apparel store online that allows custom changes in the style of the garment: sleeve, neckline and length can all be changed by the customer to your preference. they offer all styles in all sizes 0-36W & custom.

the word Shakti means power in Sanskrit. eShakti therefore means the power of the Net. their mission is to empower customers and be customer-centric by enabling your buying power to be inter-active.

when i received this Boucle Jacket i couldn't believe that it actually fit. i love the strong shoulders and the streamlined shape and while i'm obviously not a fashion model i had fun pretending for a moment:

my wannabe fashion moment


  1. Awwww little Kristie. Looking great, miss you!

  2. These pictures are soo cute! :) Your all around a beautiful person!

  3. Love it! They just sent me a dress that's AMAZING!