Friday, March 1, 2013

Prescriptives Foundation/Live Chat Review

let's talk about Prescriptives. what was once a brand found at all major department stores has relocated to internet only services. i'm a touch and feel kind of girl and when i can't test products directly to see if they're a match i am typically repelled in the other direction. Prescriptives has solved that problem, and improved on it.

offering an interactive live chat with a member of the Prescriptives team you can discuss your needs; whether you like matte, sheer, or full coverage the PX Beauty Genius (no, i did not make that name up) will help you find a custom recipe for your foundation needs.

obvs i was a bit skeptical. can a person help me determine the best foundation for my skin through video chat?

yes, they did. after our chat i was sent my custom recipe, i put in my order and within one week my perfectly matched foundation arrived on my doorstep.

PROS: very friendly customer service and with all the perks of talking to a counter pro from the comfort of my own bathroom. seriously, we video chatted from my vanity (i wanted all my current products on hand to show and discuss). my baby napped in the next room while my 4 year-old jumped in and out of the conversation. as a mother this service couldn't be any more convenient. plus, the foundation itself is pretty solid, a worthy opponent of my beloved MUFE HD Foundation.

CONS: if you don't have video chat what is this, the 90's? this option isn't available. good news is that most libraries offer computers with this capability and worst case scenario you video chat while your child does story time - win/win. also, on the pricier side but you get what you pay for, capisce?

it seems many companies will be moving their internet options in this direction. with savvy consumers who want face time (an option available on most phones even) it seems business must either offer this option or risk being put on the shelf.

let me know if you've tried an interactive chat for beauty products. i'd love to hear your experience.



  1. online consultation.. must try that :) the foundation looks amazing, you skin looks flawless :) xxx Marina
    beautiful me plus you by Marina Bergmann

  2. I admit I've kind of forgotten about Prescriptives ever since they went online only. I agree, I'm also a touch and feel kinda girl! However, the interactive live chat is intriguing. Still not sure it would sway me back in their direction though.

  3. I tried this and loved it. I actually had tech errors on my end with my web camera and internet connection but they still made it work since you can send photos too within the chat. I also had my faves on hand to tell her about and what ones most closely matched me. Even without my video working they matched me perfectly. The only thing I don't like besides the price is the foundation seems to take a little longer to melt into my skin and isn't as photo worthy as some others, as in my skin doesn't photograph as well. I loved the service and customized 1 on 1 time. This is definitely worth it especially for special events and season changes!

  4. I had no idea that Perscriptives moved to web only. Hmm... Internet does save a lot of shelf space.
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