Monday, March 4, 2013

Vaseline Beauty Uses

anybody else creeped out by the claim 'There's no purer jelly'? Beyonce may disagree with that.
every bathroom in our household contains Vaseline. seriously. we go through this stuff like crazy. living in such a dry climate we use it to moisturize moisturize moisturize!

here are some of my favorite beauty uses for Vaseline - the power moisturizer and makeup bff.

  • lip balm - apply to help moisturize, soften, and smooth lips all day
  • lip gloss - don't toss out that old lipstick! mix the remnants with a dab of Vaseline for a great new lip gloss (tutorial here).
  • exfoliater - mix with sugar for a lip scrub, or sea salt for a body scrub
  • gloss eyes - mix with loose eyeshadow to create a moisturizing eyeshadow, or dab over bare lids for a chic shine.
  • makeup setter - apply a very small amount over eyelids, cheeks, or lipstick to "set" makeup.
  • makeup remover - vaseline works as an amazing eyemakeup remover. plus, your eyes will be moisturized all night long while you sleep.
  • highlighter - use vaseline just beneath brow bone or on top of cheek bones for a dewy look.
  • cuticle cream - apply to cuticles to keep them soft.
  • ultimate moisturizer - apply vaseline to hands and feet then sleep with gloves and socks on to allow moisture to soak into skin overnight.
  • the self tanner solution - vaseline helps prevent those orange spots! rub small amounts of vaseline into dry areas such as elbows or knuckles to prevent tanner from turning too dark.

don't you just love this stuff?



  1. i LOVE vaseline , so many great uses for it

  2. I've never used Vaseline before! But, I plan to start because I've been looking up some vids on Youtube on making a DIY tinted lip balm-like the lip gloss idea you listed. I think it's a fantastic idea because I can never seem to be satisfied with a tinted lip balm, even though I love them so much(: xoxo