Friday, April 12, 2013

Makeup and Fashion Trends for Spring

Trending April

what are my makeup and fashion trends for spring? as a mom my uniform tends to be jeans and a tee on the daily. running kids to and from school, practices, errands etc. i look for practical. when i find clothing that can stylish, but still comfortable and easy to wear, i am wishing i could high five myself. seriously, merging practicality, style and comfort is not an easy thing.

you may or may not know that i adore all things Topshop. 14 years ago i had a roommate who lived in London for a semester and brought me home a bowler purse from Topshop that i used and abused. off white and rust red (it was the late 90's after all) i carried that purse to work, school and every emo/hipster/straight edge concert i attended.

that's me and my beloved purse on the left. far right was my boyfriend, a drummer. like i said, the 90's folks.
that hair! emulating my favorite singer of the moment (from Pretty Girls Make Graves) who also happened to be my hairdresser. 

i digress. Topshop was and always will be a favorite. this spring they have brought midi tube skirts to their collection and i am snatching up one in every color. they are easy to dress up with heels or dress  down with flip flops. the jersey allows for casual comfort and the fit and length allow for style. 

gold everything of course. 

now is the time to start sporting that bronzer and one of my favorites happens to be the Clinique bronzer. not too orange and not too dark, this bronzer is perfect for the sun-kissed look. along with a golden glow is a pink lip gloss, Jane Iredale's PureGloss lipgloss. a perfect pink for spring the new PureGloss is glossy but not sticky and creamy but not heavy. a juicy contradiction, kind of like a Starburst. Jane Iredale products are good for the skin, and in this case good for your lips! definitely worth seeking out.


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